10 Ways to Keep Your Lake Clean

1. Never dump waste into a storm drain at the side of the road. Storm sewers run directly into streams and lakes. 2. Use fertilizers and pesticides sparingly. Consider native plants that require little fertilizer. 3. Pick up pet waste which is high in nutrients similar to fertilizer and has fecal bacteria. 4. In the winter, use less salt on … Read More

Resurrecting the Food Web

Benefits of Floating Wetland Islands

“You don’t clean up water in hopes of resurrecting the food web – you resurrect the food web in order to clean up water”.  Bruce Kania What does this mean? “Resurrecting the food web” means to restore bio-complexity to the aquatic environment, starting from the very base of life – microbes.   Microbes gather together to form biofilm, which becomes a … Read More