Aquaculture on Floating Treatment Wetlands (FTW’s)

In addition to water quality and diverse habitat, BioHaven® Floating Islands can be used for aquaculture to grow edible food on the substrate. To learn more about the matrix the islands are made of, click here.

The man-made floating ecosystems are sustainable and self-sufficient. Permaculture is a philosophy of working with nature’s powers, rather than against nature because everything is interconnected. Through this system we can care for the earth’s waterways, the people, and finally complete the cycle by recycling its usefulness.

Islands can be used to grow edible plants such as wild ginger, saxifrage, raspberries, tomatoes, rice, or common watercress. The roots below the Floating Islands supply a constant source of water and the plants often have more direct sunlight to help increase plant growth than gardens on land. The food can be harvested by floating around the island in a canoe. In addition, wiring and netting can be placed around the Islands’ edges to protect the plants from birds or other small animals.