Our Story

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Midwest Floating Island LLC is the exclusive licensee to manufacture BioHaven® floating wetlands for the Midwest. Our man-made islands become innovative floating eco-systems for improved water quality to remove nitrate, phosphorus, and ammonia, a place for pollinator plants to flourish, a refuge for wildlife away from the shore, and a natural way to reduce algae growth.

Floating Island International®

The proprietary BioHaven® Floating Island, also known as Floating Treatment Wetland, was developed by inventor Bruce Kania.  Bruce was concerned about the water quality near his home in Montana after his black dog jumped into a pond and came out red. Bruce saw a tremendous opportunity to improve our water quality and bought in a team of engineers and plant specialists to bio-mimic natural floating peat bogs. Today Floating Island International® has thousands of floating wetlands throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China, England, Sweden, and other countries. Please contact us to discuss any projects in the Midwest.

Midwest Floating Island 

Family owned and operated, Midwest Floating Island is part of Bro-Tex Inc.  Our commitment to recycling started before it was fashionable.  In 1923, the company started with Arnold developing business recycling textiles into different grades of rag. Today, we still make cleaning rags but also keep the planet cleaner and greener with our two newer divisions:

  • The floating islands’ material is made from PET-recycled (BPA free) plastic water and pop bottles. Each 100 square feet of floating wetland we make not only keeps 3000 bottles out of landfills, but also uses those bottles to create a living ecosystem structure.
  • We keep carpet and padding out of landfills in the Midwest by recycling the materials into pellets that can be used for automotive parts, engineered resins and molded products. With the amount of nylon we reclaimed last year, we saved the county more than 1 million gallons of oil per year.

Floating Island Solutions           

Our website was previously named Floating Island Solutions.  We work closely with Floating Island Southeast and Floating Island International® to help provide solutions for the Great Lakes that are the largest surface freshwater system on the Earth. We have made some improvements to make it easier to read the website on your phones and tablets. We are also renaming our website as MidwestFloatingIsland.com.

For Midwest questions, please contact
Office (651)379-2480

photo of Arlys Freeman, President

Arlys Freeman, President, Midwest Floating Island