BioHaven® Floating Islands are designed to leverage the natural processes of microbes and plants. These man-made wetlands create a sustainable ecosystem for better water quality and a diverse habitat for pollinators, wildlife, and fish. The islands are covered with plants that grow roots below the islands.  The wetland can be anchored to adjust to changing water levels which makes it ideal for storm water ponds and other bodies of water that rise and fall after rain.

Plants are just part of the story.  The island material encourages robust microbial activity. Floating wetlands help manage phosphorus, nitrogen, heavy metals, and total suspended solids (TSS) for cleaner water.  Visit our technology page and research tab to learn more about this innovative green technology. 

BioHaven® Floating Islands provide a valuable floating island solution for watersheds with many applications such as:

Research on floating islands uses many different terms.  They are also called:  BioHaven® Floating Treatment Technology, Floating Treatment Wetlands (FTW’s), Floating Wetland Filters (FWF), Floating Wetlands, Floating Treatment Islands, Floating Vegetation Mat, Floating Mats and Floating Ecosystems.

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