Wildlife Habitat

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In addition to naturally cleaning our waterways, BioHaven® floating islands are an excellent solution to create habitat for birds, turtles, frogs, insects, fish, and other wildlife to thrive.
  • Plants provide food, cover, and refuge for wildlife in the waterbody, allowing offspring to reach maturity.
  • Nutrients cycle through the food chain beginning with extensive microbial activity on the roots and the dense, porous matrix.
  • Island wetlands can be customized to fit the unique feeding, nesting, and protection needs of a specific species. Islands have successfully created habitats in the wild and in zoos for terns, trumpeter swans, turtles, and loons.

Check out our 7 Reasons to Use Floating Islands for Habitat blog to learn more about how islands can provide habitat above and below the waterline with food, shelter, and protection.

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Duck eggs

Duck eggs