Help the Loons!

Loon nesting islands provide a safe, durable nesting place for loons.  They provide easy access to the water, protection from shore predators and barriers to provide overhead protection from flying predators.  Improving brooding conditions is the best help we can offer for loons. Loon islands should be launched earlier in the planting season so they will be ready for when the loons are looking for a place to nest. The islands can be be made with a ramp to help them easily climb onto the island. Branches can also be added for overhead protection. 

This 36 square foot nesting platform is located on a protected, back bay on Birch Lake near Babbitt, MN.  Check out our loon blog for how you can help provide a safe nesting habitat.

Feel free to call or email us if you are interested in a floating loon island for your pond or lake. Our floating islands can be customized to fit your waterbody.

Floating Loon IslandLoon on a BioHaven Island