Pollinators in Peril: How YOU Can Help Save Them

Why Pollinators are Important: Summer is a wonderful time of the year. The birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and the pleasant aroma of flowers wafts through the air. At least that is how summer should be. But do you know pollinators are in peril?

Islands- Creating Homes for Invertebrates

When people talk about freshwater ecosystems, the first images that come to mind are animals like fish, frogs, turtles, and birds. These organisms, called vertebrates, are the largest and most familiar life forms found in freshwater environments. However, a much more abundant and equally important part of the health of these ecosystems is a group of animals called invertebrates. These … Read More

Resurrecting the Food Web

Benefits of Floating Wetland Islands

“You don’t clean up water in hopes of resurrecting the food web – you resurrect the food web in order to clean up water”.  Bruce Kania What does this mean? “Resurrecting the food web” means to restore bio-complexity to the aquatic environment, starting from the very base of life – microbes.   Microbes gather together to form biofilm, which becomes a … Read More